Ian Chillag: Everything Is Alive

Ian Chillag is the host and creator of the original podcast ‘Everything is Alive,’ in which inanimate objects are interviewed. The inventive, funny and frequently poignant series is almost entirely improvised. “We cast actors, and I have a running list of objects. When we find someone we like, and we have a couple objects that we’ve vetted through some research, we give them a couple to choose from. They pick the one that speaks to them. Then I get on the phone with them, and talk for about 20 minutes just about basic character notes –like, if you’re playing a piece of tape, what about tapeness would inform your personality. Do you feel — do you have attachment issues because you’re always sticking to things. Are you constantly worried about things breaking, because your only encounter with the world is broken things. Are you tense and kind of clenched up because you live in a coil. We ask those questions just as a way to get at the core of what the personality is.” Chillag shares more in this engaging interview.