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If you’ve been trying to give up soda, these infused water recipes make an excellent replacement. Not only does water quench your thirst better than soda, but it also offers more health benefits as well. However, for some people, plain water doesn’t seem too palatable since it lacks flavor. Infused water makes the perfect antidote because it includes delicious, fresh fruits bursting with flavor.

You can use any combination of fresh fruits and herbs, but we’ll get you started with a few ideas. You can either make a whole pitcherful or add the ingredients to a small glass. Alternatively, you could pour it into a mason jar to save for later. Without further ado, let’s get to the recipes!

How to make your own infused water at home

What you’ll need:

  • A pitcher or glass
  • Ice
  • A spoon to stir the ingredients with

7 Delicious Infused Water Recipes

Try these flavorful concoctions. You will not even miss the soda!

1 – Thyme grapefruit lime water

Get out your pitcher or glass and fill it halfway with ice. Place a couple of slices of grapefruit, four slices of lime, and a handful of fresh thyme inside. Push the thyme down with a spoon to make it fit, then pour filtered water on top. Stir with a straw or long spoon, and enjoy!

Benefits: Thyme has been used in holistic medicine for thousands of years. It contains tons of vitamin C, potassium, and manganese, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds. Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C and A and contains a high amount of antioxidants. Finally, limes are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants as well, helping to boost immunity.

2 – Basil apple ginger water

To make this infused water, fill a pitcher halfway with ice once again. Add four or five slices of green apple cut lengthwise to create thin circles. Next, add a handful of fresh ginger shavings and 7-8 basil leaves. Fill the pitcher up with water, and stir with a straw. This infused water will revitalize you while giving you an immunity boost!

Benefits: Basil is high in Vitamin K, which helps keep bones healthy and heals wounds faster. Apples contain tons of fiber, Vitamin C, and polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant compound. Research proves that ginger is perhaps one of the most powerful roots on the planet, helping lower inflammation and ward off disease.

3 – Strawberry blueberry mint infused water

For this one, repeat the steps above with the ice and pitcher. Add in a couple of handfuls of strawberry slices and a few handfuls of blueberries. Pour in your water, and top off with a couple of mint leaves. You won’t miss soda after trying this one!

Benefits: Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and B9, manganese, and potassium. Blueberries have a lot of Vitamins C and K, as well as manganese. Both of these berries have been known to boost cognitive ability and boost antioxidant levels also. Finally, mint helps relieve indigestion, improve brain function, and wards off colds.

4 – Lavender lemon water

After filling the pitcher or glass with ice, add 4-5 slices of lemon. Next, top it off with a couple of small handfuls of fresh lavender. Stir and enjoy!

Benefits: Lavender has been known for its ability to reduce stress and insomnia. Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C and help improve digestion.

5 – Cucumber mint lemon infused water

Cut up half a cucumber into thin slices, and then do the same with half a lemon. Next, fill up the glass, mason jar, or pitcher with ice. Now, put your cucumber and lemon slices in along with a small handful of mint leaves. Fill your glass with water and let your taste buds dance!

Benefits: Half a cucumber contains about 30% of your RDI of Vitamin K, plus it improves digestion and hydration. For mint and lemon, refer to the benefits listed above.

6 – Green tea lemon mint water with honey

This is basically a cup of green tea, but cold and with the addition of mint. It still has the same benefits as a warm mug of tea but is refreshing on a hot day. To make this, follow the same routine with the ice, and then add your ingredients. Put in 5-6 slices of lemon, a handful of mint, and a few sprinkles of green tea leaves.

Pour your water in the glass, and then drizzle honey over the top. Stir thoroughly to ensure the honey gets mixed in.

Benefits: Green tea is perhaps one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It contains many bioactive compounds that prevent cell damage and reduce inflammation. Plus, it improves metabolism and brain function and lowers the risk of certain cancers. Honey is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory food, and many cultures use it as medicine.

7 – Lemon grapefruit orange water with rosemary

This infused water will make you pucker your lips from the tartness, but it’s packed with nutrients! To make it, cut an orange, pink grapefruit, and lemon into thin slices. Fill your pitcher up halfway with ice. Put about three lemon slices, two orange, and three large grapefruit slices into the jar or glass. Next, add a few generous sprigs of rosemary.

Fill with water, and let your body soak up the healing benefits from this infused water.

Benefits: Oranges are most well-known for their high Vitamin C content. They also have a fair amount of calcium and help your body make collagen, which gives you smooth skin. Rosemary is high in manganese, which helps the body heal wounds faster and improves metabolism.

infused water recipeFinal Thoughts: These infused water recipes will keep you healthy and hydrated

Let’s face it – water can taste pretty boring after drinking it every single day of your life. Since we have to drink it to survive, why not make it a little more exciting? Adding fresh fruits, roots, and herbs to your water can spice up your life in a small but noticeable way. Best of all, there are virtually endless combinations to try so that you’ll never get bored!

What is your favorite infused water to make? Let us know in the comments!

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