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Now i know for whatever reason we have been programmed to look down on others trying to build there own businesses and congratulate for working for someone else. In any case i have founded a brand that has the mission of helping change the world through making “positivity” cool and thus changing toxic mentalities. I’am here in a group about positivity to ask for feedback and support in a sense because peacegang is founded on positivity. I’am doing this for more than monetary gains however i realize that without money real change is not possible and money is also needed to live. I would love for feedback on what iam doing as ive put alot of time and money into this and to be honest ive gotten my share of hate which is funny considering the theme and message. I dont know how you run a “business” without trying to market that business as well. In any case our website is and instagram if you want to share your thoughts. Be well

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